Social media does not end in creating posts and increasing followers, as thought by most people. Indeed, one of the reasons why social media is important is because that is the only platform where we get to have the most of our source of refreshing our minds. You build connections from different parts of the world, indulge in events like live shows, get news from any part of the world instantly, get innovative and productive ideas for starting a career in your life or making a change in your surroundings, and many more. In this blog, we will learn about building brand image through social media.


There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Quora, and many more. So now you know how wide are our resources to get information from around the world are. And why not when each of these platforms has millions and billions of users, meaning millions and billions of events and news to stay connected and aware?


Imagine if that is the case with the common audience, how beneficial it would be for the businesses? Where businesses are such platforms that need social media more than any other strategic business plan to promote themselves. 

How and Why social media for businesses?

I am sure every day you open any of your social media accounts, you come across a minimum of five to ten such advertisements of businesses whom you were or unaware of. 


So why do you think they start popping up amidst your news feed? To irritate you? Of course, that might be the case then when you see it but not when you actually need them because you are stuck with a problem related to their service and might remember the ad that you came across once upon a time (and got irritated…!)


Now, do you understand why businesses started using social media as their gateway to reach their audiences? Not just that, social media has become so interesting day by day that with every update it gives, it comes with a feature giving innovative business ideas for many aspirants and leaders for starting new ventures.

Role of social media in Brand Building

We now know what and how powerful social media is, why businesses choose social media, now let us have a look at the role of social media in categorized points to make the scene more clear to our minds.

Building Awareness

The leading and important role of social media, we all know, is building awareness in the minds of the right audiences according to the respective businesses. Let’s have a quick look at the number of users every social media platform has as of July 2021:


  • Facebook: ~2.8 billion users
  • Youtube: ~2.3 billion users
  • Instagram: ~1.4 billion users
  • Twitter: ~400 million users
  • Reddit: ~430 million users
  • Quora: ~300 million users


Imagine if these people don’t know about your business, you won’t attract any customers. With social media, you create the exposure you need for your business and the necessary traffic to boost your transparency.


With the rising number of competitors around you, sustaining the market is quite important. On top of that remains your brand recognition. Social media gives you the privilege to leverage its platforms and stay connected with your audiences and potential clients.


With more competition comes more business strategy planning, leading to new and improved innovative business ideas depending upon the customers’ needs and necessities.

New and potential clients

It may be common to hear that a business has many buyers and ‘pull method’ customers. That also tends to attract other audiences and try their services. But how did it all happen?


Do you know that around 44.8% of social media users browse their accounts to research a new product? 


It works both ways, actually. Customers try searching for a product according to their necessity. Businesses tend to identify and track down those potential clients using hashtags and specific keywords. They direct the customers to their websites, showing services, and complete the sign-up process to keep them updated with solutions they might be looking for.

Establish Trust and Authenticity

Any businesses run only when they build their pack of followers who trust them and believe in their authenticity. It does take time, and that is where most of their strategic business plans come to use. 


But that, as of now, is not the point. How does social media hold trust and authenticity and attract new clients and audiences? 


With every purchase comes feedbacks and reviews. The more happy the customers are, the better are feedbacks increasing the ‘word-of-mouths’ and other methods for promotions. These reviews can be so important for businesses that with the help of these, companies can change their luck into gold within a sudden night.


Now we know how social media shows the channel to win the luck.

Building long-term audiences

Blessing is when social media doesn’t stop here. It continues to work further and organically builds a network of your audience who stays with you for a longer time and helps you achieve your goals. It is vital for any business to make long-term strategies so that customers get attached to you and stay forever. 


With the growing number of customers and responding to their queries, and supporting their necessities, you are sure to touch the sky with loyal customers and a strong brand image globally.


Generally, businesses and large firms think of investing huge capital for marketing and promotions. But what social media has in store for them?


You can make numerous accounts on social media platforms and apply unique and creative ideas to promote your business ideas worldwide. What’s more? All these at a fraction of cost. One of the effective business-level strategies is when you start your strategy formulation smartly and not blindly. 


Social media platforms also guarantee high clicks and search rates for businesses to reach their audience. Ad campaigns connect customers organically without any hustle giving continued positive results. 


Therefore, businesses have the advantage of achieving high ROIs using a fraction of what they were about to invest in other marketing techniques.

What’s next? How to get started?

Marketing is as important as surviving yourselves in a world of competitions. One of the effective strategic business plans for brand promotions is none other than the right marketing tools. And social media is undoubtedly the most effective tool being cost-effective and having high ROIs.


There are different methods to build a brand image using social media. And to guide you throughout, there are several business management consultants to help implement the right strategies in the right manner and time. It is also important for businesses to understand that managing multiple social media accounts and keeping track of every client is an add-on pressure on the head amidst their busy and hectic schedules.


Therefore, one can set up teams to focus only on that part and bring effective and productive results. Alternatively, they may also hire professional marketing strategists and consultants for better outcomes.


For example, Expert Mind Solutions – a highly prestigious firm comprising of experienced professional business coaches, have noted down few strategies that effectively deliver positive results for businesses:


  1. Creating business pages on social media smartly and creatively.


  1. Putting Informational Content on each page, including websites.


  1. Designing the pages and websites with a proper theme, color, and typography.


  1. Eye-popping and attractive logo with an intriguing tagline.


  1. Direct interactions using these platforms for supporting their feedbacks and queries.


  1. Inventing loyalty rewards.


Suppose you have a new start-up venture and are not sure whether or not you need to implement such strategic business plans. In that case, you can definitely give it a try and take consultancy from EMS Global firm, which offers some of the best and effective business ideas to sustain the highly demanding market world.