Being in a business for a long period might have taught you one contrasting fact that “Customers are NOT always right.” Little could you have known to come across this fact if you had never entered the corporate world. The philosophy always parroted the great ancient lines that customers are always on top and right in every aspect. But the long, never-ending shifts of working have made this point crystal clear to the minds of working people that customers are typically proving to be wrong for many reasons and scenarios. 


The idea of such a typical concept was to instill a sense of good customer service ideology in the employees’ minds. But with recent changes in the world and the market, this concept has taken a new turn. It has affected many companies leading them even to go bankrupt. 


Today’s article is upon those customers who are not always right, explaining the reason why. 

  • Living with a wrong mindset

Some despicable customers deliberately wrong themselves to receive sympathy and refunds from any company. The employees as such need to know about this matter and keep an eye on their actions. The customer service professionals must never back off from pointing out the mistakes of a customer.


For example, suppose your customer has ordered a takeaway from your restaurant, and you trust your hub’s extra attention, care, and hygiene policy. In that case, there’s no way you customer should seek a refund on finding the food tasteless. The customer is clearly showing his attempt to get his money back after filling his tummy. Customers often would deliberately drop hair or stones or even specific insects at the end of their meal as proof for a refund. 


Do you still think customers are always right? If you still abide by this illogical outdated rule, you will be losing your company in real-time soon. It causes a huge disturbance in the functional teams such as the business development management teams, financial teams, customer service teams. 

  • Not attending employees

Have you considered the fact that employees, too, are your resources? When you won’t have them, who would be helping you out to carry out the tasks? Even more so, when you abide by the rule of “customers first,” you are degrading the morale of your employees. For instance, the customer support team, considered patient and calm with clients and audiences, sacrifices their ego and tolerance limit to keeping the customers happy and satisfied. 


But we know some customers are utterly disrespectful, self-centered, and rude to others. When trying to bully or harass your team, you should eliminate customers instead of asking more from the team. They have supported you enough by maintaining your position and brand name. When customer service has a good reach and sets a positive impression, that is when your company reaches a point of recognition. Support and prioritize your employees more than customers. This is a good example of an effective leadership and management operation of a company. 

  • Not all customers should stay

As it says, not all customers are worthy of your hard work. Of course, some unruly customers are unavoidable in business. Maybe they are your important assets for the growth of your company. The business development management teams are always trying their best to retain their customers for good and more. But what if you see this from another angle? What if these people aren’t the customers you were trying to hit on your first involvement in innovation and entrepreneurship? You planned it all right, but the obsession with having a large mass of customers has taken over your decision-making power. 


You must value the time and peace you have within you. “Time is valuable and never comes back” is a mantra that is still in existence way before “customers are always right.” You must differentiate between those who value your time and work from those who waste them without caring much. Few customers won’t think twice before keeping you engaged on specific work for no reason. Just remove them from your target. You will find retain better and authentic customers in the future. 

  • It is useless to satisfy each one of them

If you use the “customers are always right” mantra in your organizational performance management, you need to think it over again. Using it to please everyone, every customer is a next to impossible and useless strategy. All customers are different, having wide and various taste buds. Some might love food, cars, furniture, or even fashion. If you try pleasing everyone with everything, that will pull you down before even entering the market. 


Having no targeted customers and reaching out to all the people in this world would create chaos and ruin everything you ever dreamt of. 


With this been said, I am sure you must have understood the facts and gameplay. Some customers leverage the power of public shaming, aggression, and creating mass outrage to destroy the peace in your business development management. 


When such things start taking shape, you can always go with the opposite flow and achieve true and loyal customers. All in all, there are professional business mentors who outline such problems for the companies and aid them with the necessary consultancy to restart afresh. 


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