If you have constantly been dreaming of establishing some fresh venture ideas but cannot find enough resources or gateways to start with, you are not alone! Owning a business is like a dream coming true. It undoubtedly gives you the freedom to be your boss. 


However, starting life in innovation and entrepreneurship is equally challenging. It brings you an equal amount of happiness and hurdles. When you are confused and yet focused on establishing your startup, consider these top 5 small-business startup plans. 

  • Home-based Catering Services

If you love cooking and are best at it, why not establish a creative outlet? With beautiful experiences, you would also make a decent income. The initial investment depends upon how big or small you want your services to be. 


Of course, you wouldn’t want to build a setup or an organization right away. But when you start with small events which you know can be managed without any external help, you should be able to create your home-based business for a lesser investment. 


For this, you can start with making a business website and experimenting with local food cuisines. Or you can even join food-related platforms to advance your career and build your brand. 

  • Freelance Developer

Web development is a demanding job right now. Be it designing websites, developing them, or providing technical support, you will gain many technical skills. 


With the right skill set, you will be able to explain to people what this is and how your work will benefit their business growth. 


To get started, seek guidance from your friends or family unaware of this type of work. If your explanation to them is easily accepted and understood, you probably will affect the right set of audiences. 

  • Personal Trainer/Coach

Lifestyle vlogging or fitness vlogging have seen a major surge in increased engagement from the people. In-home consultations, training, customized nutrition plans are some strategic business plans to get started. 


Especially when social media is so much in use, especially among the youngsters, setting up such a business website or social page is going to make a profound change. 


Even in this field, you can start by taking small steps and expanding your strategies and ideas. 

  • SEO-Digital Marketing

Do you have experience in backlinking websites and optimizing content for ranking purposes? If so, there’s a huge opportunity waiting for you to grab up. 


Every business has its own website. Every website contains content. And not all content is SEO-friendly. If you are a good SEO specialist, be ready for client calls and projects. Content writing and marketing are something every marketer knows, more or less. 


However, SEO is not everyone’s cup of tea. It calls for perseverance and constant research. Often marketers are open to business skills development courses that focus on niche audiences and help them learn from practical experiences and challenges. 

  • Business Career Coach

Remember when you were searching for guidance to help with career coaching? You were in desperate need of someone who could guide you through your career opportunities. 


Many of us are always searching for someone who can answer our career questions and show us a path to get started. If you faced a similar situation and would like to change others’ lives, why not plan to be a professional business coach? 


Just like Expert Mind Solution’s professional business coaches in Malaysia, you too can train business mindsets and guide business professionals on business management skills.


These skills are so useful that it ensures professionals in improving organizational performances of any firm. 


Expert Mind Solutions is one of the leading training institutes and comprise experienced consultants for business. They guide companies and even help them make competitive surveys mentioning all risk factors, consequences, strategic business plans.