Ever wondered how big companies abuse human rights after producing much of their products from their workers. No, not talking about physical abuse, but something related to child labor, pennies for wages, is something you won’t see reflected on the product package. 

What is Corporate Accountability? 

Corporate accountability is something that refers to organizational performances in social responsibility and sustainability. What matters is that the financial performance should not be the only goal of a company and that stakeholders are not the only people to whom an organization must be answerable. 


Organizational workers such as the employees and laborers also require accountability and answers to questions. 


Corporate accountability is normally confused with corporate social responsibility (CSR), where CSR believes that organizations need to act responsibly concerning their surrounding environment. 


On the contrary, corporate accountability refers to the pressures for the business to meet certain standards or address their actions’ consequences. So, is there a difference between the two terms? 


On a wider note, corporate social responsibility and corporate accountability are believed to have responsibilities beyond creating profits for their shareholders. What are those responsibilities? It includes the negative role of refraining from causing environmental harm, individuals or communities. It also consists of the positive role of protecting society and the environment by defending workers’ rights affected by business activities. 

Human Rights Violations in Agriculture

Clearly, farmers or agricultural workers are more likely to suffer hazards given the role and the workplace. These workers may also have health issues due to the usage of pesticides and fertilizers. It proves to be more dangerous for women and children who live with poor health or protective equipment. 


However, even though some dangerous conditions prevail in their lives, workers have little or no expectations to detangle themselves from their jobs. 


According to statistics of 2021, the worst countries for abusing human rights and rules of law are Egypt with 9.8 on a scale of 10, Syria with 9.7, China with 9.6, Iran with 9.5, and North Korea with 9.4.


One of the most important and iconic human rights abuses was committed by Chiquita, one of the largest banana producers in the World. The company was known to spend years funding a well-known terrorist organization in Columbia. The organization murdered many civilians in the locality and used the business’s workplace for arms and drug shipments. 


Eventually, several lawsuits were brought against Chiquita in the USA under the Alien Tort Claims Act. 


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