What do you understand about sales? Are you finding it harder and harder to get your clients to buy what you’re selling? It’s not them; it’s you. Well, it might be a little bit of them too. But mostly, it’s you. You see, the sales pitch is an art form. And if you don’t know how to wield its power, you’re going to have a hard time convincing anyone to part with their hard-earned cash. 


In this day and age, prospects expect sales pitches to be highly personalized. But with the rise of automation tools, making a personal connection has become more challenging than ever before – especially when you’re trying your best! And every successful leader knows their own set of ‘sales best practices that they believe makes for an effective pitch…

What will yours look like?

What is a Sales Pitch?

A sales pitch can be defined as a persuasive speech given by a salesperson to convert potential audiences into loyal leads. Salespeople need to deliver a good sales pitch, which is often the key to making a sale. To craft an effective sales pitch, it is helpful to understand what makes them successful. Several important elements go into making a great sales pitch, and learning about them can help you create a winning presentation every time.


You must make a sales pitch with strong analysis, A/B tests. This ensures that the pitch reaches the customers’ ears and impacts their decisive minds. 

Strategies to Craft a Strong Sales Pitch

Before you pitch to your audiences, you need to know what they are interested in and what made them contact you. 

Put your research analytics in front while crafting 

Let’s say, for instance, you have a SaaS product. Your potential audience needs your SaaS software to smoothen their tasks and organizational performances. Now the first and foremost thing is to do deep research about those companies to whom you’re about to pitch your product. 


Knowing about your audience makes it easier to see the end game. Also, you must know who you’re pitching to – whether it’s an executive or manager. That matters too when explaining any technical USPs. 


Build a pitch, clear from all angles

Although you cannot expect a perfectly crafted pitch at one, at least make sure the pitch is clear and to the point. Try to add in as much importance as possible without elongating the pitch. 


Nobody really wants to hear a long boring speech. They’ll start yawning and scrolling down their social media by the time you finish up your pitch. What can be done then? 


Start your pitch with an engaging question. For example, 


Hi, I’m Jordan and I work for EMS Global Solutions. We design specialized business skills training courses for business professionals who wish to expand their business. Do you have a sec to maybe give a chance for growing your business?

Try highlighting benefits and not features

Pointing out features isn’t the main goal. People are waiting to know the benefits, not the features. The main business strategy planning includes offering services as per their needs and requirements. 


For example, 


Expert Mind Solutions boosts company expansion and helps businesses to sustain market competition for longer terms. They have years of experience that benefit other newly established businesses to understand challenges in innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Keep it Conversational

You will find that those HRD corp skills training courses train leaders and business aspirants about keeping the conversation short and crisp. Along with that, give your listeners the chance to hold the mic. 


Your pitch shouldn’t be a monologue. Also, if someone asks you about anything, don’t blabber everything as they aren’t interested in every minute detail. 


For example, 

Wow sir, you really seem to care about your business and actually want to seek our consultation. Let’s take this conversation to a one-on-one live chat so you can be aware of our various courses and services.

Use data-driven pitch

Look! This is important! Your listeners aren’t just your listeners. They get to hear the same pitch from similar industries. So they eventually know what you are going to speak to them.


So what can be done? 


Leverage recent statistics from authorized sources and use those data to prove your uniqueness to your audience. That way, you can demonstrate how hard you’ve tried to look at matters from depth. Let your data-driven report drive them more seriously towards you. That way, you can gain loyal and trusted customers. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to increase your product sales or provide a service, it is important to understand how the brain functions will help. Neuroscience research has shown that people have different attitudes on certain subjects depending on their stage in the purchase process and what they’ve been exposed to as of late. This means if someone is starting with your business, it may be advisable to see more information about why they should buy from you before being presented with an offer. 


If someone has already purchased from you once but not recently, then showing them recent data related to all those benefits might be enough of a reason for them to make another purchase. Whatever type of business you own – whether it’s online retailing or providing services – there are new insights into it. Expert Mind Solutions is a great platform for organizations seeking a consultant for businesses. They have certified business coaches in Malaysia who, with their experiences, provide practical and fundamental consultancy to enhance business growth.