It always inspired me to conduct thorough research on a particular topic and save its data for predicting the future. Of course, I am not as efficient as those advanced data analytics tools, but they surely guided me to answer a few of my questions. 


Is 2022 going to be just like 2021, or will it be worse? Is there a chance of getting some good news? As we ponder through such critically annoying questions, here’s a short 2022 prediction of what lies ahead in this year. 

Higher salaries are the real motivators.

Salary, especially after the pandemic, has become more of a concern to drive in more talent in the workplace. Salary speaks more than remote work, flexible work hours, benefits/perks. Salary is just like the cherry on top of all the hard work. You can expect aggressive employers to interview your talent. 


Demonstrating your talent won’t be an easy-going task, among several others. Especially, upscale yourself in your negotiation skills. 

Talents will still be at Focus.

What’s your take on upscaling your talents? Expert Mind Solutions is a Malaysian firm that empowers young talents to boost their organizational management performance. Skills enhancement programs aim in developing career opportunities helping both personal goals and meeting company expectations. 


Be sure to keep your business profiles, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, updated as they are connected with the professional corporate world. 

Increase in the number of Job Hunters

The American Staffing Association survey noted that 41% of companies are likely to hunt down new and more talents by 2022. Due to a drop-down in salary weightage last year, millions of workers had to quit or move to other organizations. Well, you might want to use this opportunity if you are a fresher and be in touch with organizations that will start their job hunt. Look out for IT sectors as they have emerged as the strongest saviors. 


Note: Think about certain factors that meet your requirements and standards, not just blindly applying for any job hunt. 

Remote works will be encouraged.

Even those strict employers now have to allow hybrid jobs because of the never-ending pandemic. Even those known for their authoritarian, demanding nature in work cultures, shift hours, face times are compromising on retaining their high-performing employees. 


It all happened as they lost many employees who rebelled against their work from office culture amidst pandemics. Companies had to tune in to their routines accordingly. 

Hunting down talents will remain a challenge.

Talent acquisition will eventually remain challenging as freshers have put their focus on bigger and established organizations. You can expect new talents to spend more time on LinkedIn and Twitter to develop more networks. Recruiters will likely be spending long hours on LinkedIn. Businesses will invest more in talent hunt and recruitment. 


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