When will this whole series of pandemic end? A question every company must now have STOPPED asking since they’re okay with everything now. Be it pandemic or a normal day, innovators and marketers have developed some such strategies that are worth promoting. 


As the pandemic is set high and low, the once implemented restrictions, keeping in mind the protocols market composure, have now largely become a characteristic feature of most companies. We can see businesses resuming their practices and activities and a new economic revival. Clearly, I was even shocked to see how these effective video calling technologies have raised their potential. Adopting various digital transformations surely resulted far better than we could ever imagine. 


Many companies improved their organizational performance management even just by operating from home. McKinsey’s research analyzed forty-one percent of employees turning more productive than they were before. The factors when researched in depth included more time for their families, saving traveling time, balanced personal and professional lives. Some companies believe they can extract a wider talent pool through online platforms with the right marketing strategies. In fact, most established and powerful organizations have started boosting their production rate by creating a workplace with stronger culture, diversity and reduced real-estate costs. 


But when interpreted about both gains and losses, how do you take this new experience of working from home to offer the same benefits as it used to before in the people’s personal lives? Will the corporate cultures be eroded over time if there are no physical meetings at all? Or with zero social engagements? Imagine the swift works, the planned and unplanned modifications leading to unexpected successes, were all possible with the active participation of the employees. But now, with no real-time mentorship, leadership training, or business skills development management courses, how long will the businesses survive? Or will it start corroding slowly from within? 


The reality is, both the arguments might prove right. If every organization is working towards a future with a great customer base and acquiring the changing market state, they necessarily have to boost their business strategy planning and keep adapting to the changing technological advancements. Eventually, those who are adapting to changes are enjoying these new experiences. What’s important is that the productivity of the employees has boosted dramatically. Speaking about leadership training and mentorship programs, employees are using them through online means with virtual collaborations. 

Defining the new normal Company Culture 

Now, if you wanna ask, let me tell you this, there can never be a ‘one size fits all’ measure to modify organizational performance management and accomplish market success. Leading professionals will boldly answer the question with a simple term, i.e., Talent. Yet again, different geographies have different stories to share and factors to keep in mind. For every business, there’s a different need and additional effort. 


Let us look at the following essentials that current businesses can maintain to meet future roles and goals. 

  • Employee-Centricity Workplace

When reimagining your company workplace, company value matters a lot. Just adopting new factors and forcing your employees to adapt to recent changes isn’t what you must practice. The pandemic has forced companies to run down certain tough practices, which proved against employee concerns. 


Therefore, the toughest part starts from here. That is to ensure a secure workplace for your employees to work at. It not just boosts productivity but also showcases the maturity and leadership level of organizations to rethink their existing business strategy planning and models. Eventually, with talented and engaged employees, you are sure to capture good value for customers. 

  • Define to your Customers; Show-off to your Competitors

A very wrong strategy most organizations follow is to prove their worth to their competitors. What would they do when you are showing off similar business? Rather, educate your potential audiences about your new launches, existing products, and services. Your main goal must be to meet customer requirements; therefore, start planning new ways to offer value and attend your competitive edge. 


A business is recognized through its CX. It serves a customer’s pain point, and innovating an equally economically viable solution helps companies create strong networks. 

  • Leveraging Technology to its Full Strength

The next important facilitator that will enhance company culture amidst pandemic and beyond will be to leverage newly advancing technology. Technology, by no doubt, is the backbone of any developing or developed country. It not just focuses on the economy but also helps connect issues with potential networks. Remember how I mentioned the contribution of technology in establishing a virtual world? 


Our lives have found a way to meet new horizons using platforms like Alexa, Siri, Zoom, and so much more. Technology is successfully addressing stronger team bonds, strategic and productive interactions that are now possible right from your homes. 

A Way Forth

Well, in my opinion, key areas where companies must keep their focus are talent acquisition, employee retention, talent development, leadership training, rewards for every top performance, and overall engagement. Since businesses should aim to drive high-performing company culture, their employees must be highly engaged and sync with its developments and ideas. 


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