Like most people in business, you’re probably not very familiar with Instagram. And that’s okay – it’s a relatively new app, and not many people are using it for business strategy planning purposes yet. But that’s about to change. Instagram is now a popular tool for businesses to reach new customers and expand their brands. So if you’re looking for a new innovative business idea, you should start using Instagram today. Here are some tips on how to get started: 


  1. Make sure your account is set up correctly and that you have a good profile pic and bio info. 
  2. Use relevant hashtags in your posts so that people can find them easily. 
  3. Connect with other users who might be interested in your business. 


To position on top of your competition and create an impressive brand image, you need to have an active following and posts that are liked by many. This will help build trust among customers and unlock the “swipe up” feature for stories. 


Let’s look at some potential statistics of Instagram acting as an important business tool:


  1. Instagram is the 7th most widely visited website globally and 4th most-used social media platform proving beneficial for marketers. 
  2. 90% of users on Instagram follow at least one business page. 
  3. One out of Two users on Instagram discovers a new brand every day. 
  4. 44% of the people using Instagram love to shop on a weekly basis. 

Instagram Outpacing Facebook in Advertising

Instagram has taken over as the go-to platform for advertisers looking to reach their target audience with their traditional business strategy planning. With an increase in advertising reach of 20% this year alone, it appears that Instagram may be on track to follow suit with Twitter and Snapchat, where users can now see more ads than ever before. 


Instagram is the leading social media gateway for businesses to market their products and services. It’s an excellent way of staying up-to-date with your customers by watching what they engage in every day, as well as being able to use IGTV, which allows users who have accounts on mobile devices to access videos from channels even when offline!


In addition, you can post regular updates through normal posts or brand stories – these give more insight than just text alone, so make sure that whatever type of decision suits both parties involved will work out well.


With millions of businesses sitting idle and basic planning, you can grow your reach quickly with little initiatives and easily share your innovative business ideas


Instagram Acting as a Virtual Word of Mouth

You can increase your chances of being seen by tagging all posts on Instagram with #social media tag! This is a perfect business strategy planning for you to impact and get more people engaged in what matters most – YOUR BRAND! 


This is your chance to reach more potential customers! When someone posts about what they love on social media, it appears as if they’re passionate enough about the product or service that helped them out in their time of need. This could lead to new followers who are excited by how great these reviews are and want access themselves – leading back into an endless loop that keeps both parties happy (and coming back!). 

Instagram as the Best Platform To Sell Products

It’s no secret that social media has become an important part of people’s lives. One such platform for retail brands to market themselves on is Instagram- with its huge customer base and trendsetting culture – 38% claim they’re influenced by the handle. At the same time, 35 per cent say decisions are made based on what retailers share online. 


Instagram provides you with an easy platform to showcase your products and engage customers. Not only does the app itself make it possible, but adding a sell button on each post, will ensure that users can make quick purchases without having any trouble finding what they need from one place. 


You can enhance your sales on Instagram by running highly targeted ads linked with Facebook. The precision of their advertisements means you have a far greater chance at reaching the customer and making them take action. 

Instagram Draws Traffic Heavily

Start with linking your website in your bio to increase visitors’ chances to click on it and end up at the masthead. You can also add “link-in Bio” text when posting captions, so people know how they need to navigate from there. 


The more followers you have on this platform, the easier it is for them to see what’s going to happen in your story. This means that if someone tags themselves or their friends in one of those posts, they too can see your posts and form a chain of shares, likes, and follows. 

Few Final Lines

Instagram is the stage where your business can be discovered by millions. Get started on this social media platform today and see how big of an impact you make. Expert Mind Solutions is firm offering help to professional business leaders and aspirants about growing their business exponentially. They also have special HRDF corp skill training that ensures secured career opportunities.