Negotiation is a large part of being successful in innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s helpful to know some negotiation skills that can be used on any project or interaction. Whether you are an entrepreneur in innovation and entrepreneurship or a contractor dealing directly with clients who could potentially hire someone like yourself – either way, we all have situations where strong-mindedness will come into play.

Top Negotiation Skills to Master

Negotiation is a part of everyday business. If you’re going into any transaction, from selling your house to negotiating salary with an employer and everyday purchases like groceries or gas, there’s always some degree that you will involve negotiation in the process.

  • Create a Win-Win Situation

The goal of any good negotiator is to get both sides what they want without giving up too much. To do this, you have got to take a look at your end-state and see if there’s anything that would make it better for the other person or people involved in negotiations with you. After all, we’re looking out for their interests as well. If so, offer something similar but slightly different from how things were before because no one likes being made worse off than everyone else anyway. 

  • Listen and Understand Each Other

As a negotiation strategy, it is important to listen and understand the other side truly. You should try not to talk too much so that you can gain their trust. They might feel pressured if there are constant interruptions or reminders of what we want them to do despite our lack thereof on negotiations premises.

  • Courteousness

Negotiation is a two-way street in innovation and entrepreneurship. You may even want to do business with this person again in the future, or it could be that your transaction requires ongoing involvement from their side as well. Is it important for both parties involved after negotiations have been completed? A collaborative tone will make everyone feel more comfortable and allow us all potential opportunities for success.

  • Draft the FIRST Agreement

The crucial business strategy planning in any negotiation is to prepare a draft contract that you can use as the basis for your discussions. This ensures structure and limits surprises, which will make them easier for both parties involved. 


Don’t wait until the last minute when things could get more complicated than they need to. Plan by having someone write down what is said during meetings or conversations and take notes throughout sessions where legal matters discussed arise. 


  • Engaging Time Correctly

Negotiations can be tricky, and it’s important to maintain the deal momentum. You don’t want your opponent catching wind of any delays or concessions that you’re making, so always make sure there’s an end in sight before finalizing anything.


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