Malaysia has a comprehensive range of banking and financial services. The country’s largest institutions, governed by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), provide for stability in monetary policies and finances throughout the nation.


This central bank promotes both lender confidence while also maintaining an asset-capable economy through sound management practices that comply with international standards set out within Olymp Trade.


This guide to the best banks in Malaysia for 2022 will walk you through some key points about major bank brands. We’ll look at the important criteria that should be considered when choosing a lender, including account types and sizes available.


There are many options in Malaysia when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship. If you’re looking for a bank that has the right features or offers benefits tailored specifically towards your needs – then look no further. 

Malayan Banking Berhad – Maybank

If you have strong strategies and wish to execute viable business strategy plannings, Maybank is the country’s largest and Southeast Asia’s most voted and one of the largest banks in terms of its total assets and market cap. Maybank is an advancing bank in Southeast Asia that provides a wide range of banking products and services through its extensive network, including 2,626 offices spanning 10 countries within ASEAN and global financial centres outside this region.  


With Maybanks unique features like cashless payments accessed via iPayMicro App on your smartphone or tablets, budgeting tools for managing expenses kept getting better each month than ever before. It’s clear why they’re improving lives by giving people greater control over how they live their lives.


Net Income: MYR 6.48 Billion (2020)

Net Profit: RM 1.68 Billion (2021)


The CIMB provides banking services, including consumer and wholesale financial transactions. They also offer strategic investments to their clients in the form of fund management and treasury. It is also one of the voted Islamic banks in the world.


CIMB Bank is one unit within an international corporation called “The CMB Group”. This organisation has branches all over Asia Pacific countries like Singapore and Indonesia. It makes them popular among locals who can get loans without any collateral requirements.


Currently, there are 3.3 million customers who trust and have CIMB accounts.

Public Bank Berhad

The Public Bank was founded in 1966, and it has been operating for more than fifty years. It is one of Malaysia’s largest banks and is among Asia Pacific countries’ biggest financial institutions- with over $150 billion worth of assets under management (AUM).


Public Bank is a major player in the Malaysian financial industry, with over 19,000 staff and representatives across South East Asia. The bank has products that range from loans to insurance accounts for individuals and businesses alike. With market shares close to 20% on residential property financing alone – they are certainly not slowing down anytime soon.

RHB Bank

The RHB Bank provides various financial products and services through its numerous subsidiaries. Aside from Malaysia, it serves Singapore (since 1994), Thailand (since 1997), Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, Indonesia, Hong Kong.


Regarded as a public limited company in Malaysia, they changed their name to RHB Bank Ltd. This institution has steadily increased its growth trajectory by offering many different loan options, such as car purchase agreements tailored specifically towards customers’ needs with low APR rates. 


This group has a total number of around 14,000 staff and also manages 278 branches/offices.

Hong Leong Bank

Hong Leong Bank is the largest bank in Malaysia and has branches throughout Asia. It provides services for individuals, businesses, and government agencies based in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the US. 


With a strong regional presence, Hong Leong has been recognised with awards, including Best Domestic Bank and DigitalBank at the 2018 Asiamoney Awards. You’ll find all kinds of banking products available to suit your needs, as well as smart ways for you to manage money online or to use mobile devices.


With branches in Malaysia and Singapore, Hong Leong Bank is one of the world’s oldest commercial banks. The group was established over 110 years ago by entrepreneurial Chinese traders who wanted to offer their clients banking services and investment opportunities across multiple industries, including real estate, construction materials, manufacturing equipment, maintenance technology, tourism, infrastructure development, and many more.


AmBank Group

With offices in Kuala Lumpur, AmBank Group provides retail and wholesale banking services to customers. The bank operates through 170 branches and 641 ATMs throughout Malaysia.

AmBank is one example among many that show how an international company can operate successfully locally by adapting its technology platforms according to the local needs while still delivering world-class service with unparalleled quality standards.


 With a range of services for customers, online and growing mobile banking, the number of transactions carried out on these platforms went up 250%, increasing 150 times over.


This means more people than ever before have access to their money when they need it.

The Conclusion

Malaysia is one of the leading and growing countries in South-East Asia when it comes to banking. With many different banks available, you will find what suits your needs and budget nicely. First of all, do your research on what kind of account would work best based on how much money will go into it monthly or annually? Do more digging to see if there are any restrictions like minimum balance requirements before opening up accounts in certain banks.


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