Starting from 2019, it has been a rough trough for everyone living on this planet. Okay, we are talking business here. Competition has been uncontrollably fiercer, and many companies went bankrupt or crashed down, still trying to get back on their feet. And if that was not enough, customers have become too busy re-searching about new consistent businesses where they can spend their resources. 


Okay, look! 95% of customers who go through a negative experience are likely to share their bad reviews, and comparatively, only 87% share their good experiences with others. Although the figures do not have much difference, emotions drive them to make such decisions. 

What is an Emotional Connection?

Emotional connection can turn hatred into blind faith and loyalty to a business. Forging emotional connections with the customers helps every fresh venture idea to win customer loyalty and retain the existing ones. It’s the emotions that decide the bond between you and your clients. A goal that needs to be in mind is maintaining an emotional connection with customers. 


The degree of emotional connection people have with brands can be measured on a scale from 0-100% positive feelings. Some markers for this level are fulfilment (when your brand delivers service exceeding expectations), identity, and nostalgia. When you think back to when certain products were introduced into society, especially if they’re indulgent or ritualistic, you make sure you have them for their authenticity. 

How Can You Build Emotional Connectivity?

Here’s what the Malaysian-based management training center, EMS Global has to say about building your brand and retaining customers at all times:

  • Talk About Who You Are

When figuring out your customers, why don’t you sit down on a chair and start beautiful storytelling? The story can have your journey songs, struggling phases, emotional moments, compelling achievements, etc. 


But wait, you are not to brag about your professionalism. You want to make sure customers can connect with your story and get emotionally connected. Your story needs to be a motivating factor in the lives of other entrepreneurs. What next? Maybe you start having rising entrepreneurs and their family members as your loyal customers! People always crave some authenticity and real stories. 


Your story will bring them close to your products and services. Rest is up to your expert team, who may work hard to improve your organisational performances.

  • Promote Reviews and Testimonials

Another strong business strategy planning is seeking and marketing your customer reviews on different business listing platforms. Ever thought of video marketing as your go-to option when nothing working out? Videos of your clients sharing their problems and solutions they received from you are all that’s needed to build a channel of emotional connectivity with your potential audiences and beat down your competitors. 


Offer great customer service and user experience when people come to you. Your performance is what’s going to impress them to the depth of their mind. Use banners and listing platforms to demonstrate how your existing customers are happy and resolved by leveraging your services. 

  • Show that You Care

When employees complain about their bad experiences, make sure you don’t join the argument. Instead, you are making amends to resolve their query or any issue in the best possible way. When customers see a company’s tone-deaf actions, they can turn away from that brand.


Companies must know how their actions affect customers if they want them long-term.

  • Communicating With a Personal Touch

When trying for your fresh venture idea, the best idea and strategy is to maintain a humanitarian method of attracting customers. Meaning, it’s always a good idea to write to your new and old customers. 


Add a personal tone in your message that ensures faith and assurance to your customers. Understand what problems your consumers are facing. When you have transparency of the issues in the market, it will automatically act as a booster in connecting you with your audiences emotionally. 

  • Personalise Their Experience

Personalisation is the gateway to experience a greater customer base. For instance, you can check out your Amazon right now and find out that the home page displays all your favourite items you wished you had bought the last time. So what actually happens with personalising your customers’ experiences?


Your customers always strive to find something that attends to their problems whenever they want. And when they find one such thing, they don’t hesitate to buy that service. Personalisation helps your customers understand how much your care for them and their preferences. 


The Conclusion

When it comes to connecting with customers, the best way is by engaging them authentically. This means always being friendly but not fake – giving people a delightful experience and making sure they stay loyal will help your business thrive. Remember that every little effort counts in creating this emotional bond; even sending out thank you notes can count as one of those small things you do for your clients regularly, which makes them feel appreciated.


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