Want to build a great business? You need an idea first. Expert Mind Solutions suggest 9 amazing hacks to get those creative juices and help you generate some fresh business ideas:


  1. Do nothing. One of the greatest ways to generate good business ideas is to take time off and relax. It frees your mind up to think. And most importantly, it gives your mind space for creativity to flow. Often, most of the best ideas are moving in our minds. We’re just so busy and constantly moving that we don’t even notice.


  1. Use the magic question. Go around and interview 20–30 people in the industry you want to start a business. Then, ask them the magic question. “What is the biggest pain you face in the day today?” Record all of your answers and see if you notice a pattern; find an answer that keeps coming up. It’s time for you to take action. Figure out a solution to that problem, and BOOM, you’ve got yourself an amazing business idea.


  1. Travel the world. Want to know how Blake Mycoskie came up with Tom’s, the multi-million dollar shoe company? He travelled to Argentina, noticed a shoe used by the herders on the farms and rebranded it. Now, he runs one of the biggest apparel companies globally and has a net worth of over 300 million dollars. He wouldn’t have ever come up with the idea unless he had taken that trip to Argentina.


  1. Write down every single problem you face. Every time you get annoyed throughout the day or something is getting in your way, take out your phone, open up the notes app, and write down the problem so that later on, if any others arise, you will know how to solve them! Problems are like obstacles in our way, but they can be overcome with patience and determination.


After a few months, you are going to have hundreds of ideas. Look through them, see if you notice any that stand out or that you repeated a lot and pick one. Try to come up with a solution; you’ve got another great idea for a business based on a REAL problem you faced.


  1. Take a notepad with you everywhere you go. You might already have many great business ideas, but you might not be writing them down. A great way to make sure you never lose a great idea is to keep a notepad. Plus, having one with you will put you in the right state of mind to develop ideas.


  1. Have you heard of James Altucher? He has this crazy little exercise called “Idea Lists.” What you do is write down 10 ideas every single day. It doesn’t matter if your ideas suck or if they are magical; you have to come up with 10 every single day. This will train your brain to come up with ideas on the spot. And then, one day, after coming up with hundreds and hundreds of ideas, a great one will appear.
  2. This one’s too good to be true. Google “business ideas for 2022.”


  1. Passion/Strengths/Needs. A little exercise called “Passion/Strengths/Needs” has helped me develop great business ideas. Here’s what you are going to do. First, write down a list of all of your 10 biggest strengths. Second, write down a list of your 10 passions. Third, come up with 10 business ideas that match 1–2 of those strengths and passions. For example, one of my passions in marketing and one of my strengths is writing. So, I started a marketing agency where I can do copywriting all day!


  1. Do a startup weekend. A startup weekend is a 2–3 day event where you try to build a prototype over the weekend. Here’s how it works. On Friday, people pitch their ideas. Then, you can join the team with the idea you liked the most and help them build out the prototype. That way, you don’t have to come up with the idea yourself! And on top of that. You would be surrounded by so many views that I wouldn’t be surprised if you came up with your thoughts.


Take a business course. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the entrepreneurial world and get some fresh ideas. I recommend taking one at your local community college or online in Malaysia. Expert Mind Solutions is an efficient training centre and consultancy firm comprising professional business coaches who provide business innovation and entrepreneurship courses.