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Main Purpose of the program

This HRDF training program provides a short and comprehensive executive business skills package for those companies whose managers and professionals are looking for a non-classic MBA program which does not include any assessments or exams but covering the latest practical contents and at the end, being able to walk away with the latest business knowledge and some certifications.

Target Audience


Top-executive(C-suite), Managerial, and director positions who are looking to get the latest updates about sizzling business matters


Any individual at junior or senior position (Intrapreneur) in organizations who are interested and looking forward to exploiting the HRDF claim.


Any entrepreneur who is willing to step up his /her business by having the latest effective business knowledge.


Accountants, CFOs, any other finance-related professionals.

Unique Selling Point

Having the business and data analytics as one of the major courses in addition to 5 other Classic hand-picked Master of Business Administration courses has created a Six-subject based Master of Business Skills Program Which is a fully HRD Corp claimable training program under the umbrella of soft skill training in both face-to-face and Virtual learning modes in Malaysia. Moreover, there are other training courses that are offered  by Expert Mind Solutions.  All of the Master of Business Skills Program courses and other offered courses are taught by a panel of subject matter experts who are all certified trainers and coaches.   

List of the courses in Master of Skills Program

And other courses offered by us

Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Organizational Strategy Formulation & Execution

Organizational Well-being Management

Fresh Venture Conception

Effective Leadership Determinants

Data and Business Analytics

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Other Courses Offered by Us

Mode of Conduct

Each subject is offered in two consecutive days during weekdays or weekends (Total of 2 Days Per Subject) once to 4 times in a month based on the number of students. Each day includes seven (7) hours of training online or offline.

Awarded Certificates

After completion of each subject, a specific certificate related to that particular subject will be issued to each participant.

On successful completion of all six master of business skills subjects, a master of business skills certificate will be issued by the institution.

Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Abstract

Even though different businesses operate with different amounts of resources due to differences in size; any size of business will only be successful if they manage the innovation process well. This course elaborates on successful management of the innovation process which will only be possible if the process is being outplayed within the appropriate context.

Organizational Strategy Formulation & Execution Abstract

This course equips managers and professionals with the concepts, frameworks, and techniques needed to make better strategic decisions. The goal is a strategic course that reflects the dynamism and intellectual rigor of this fast-developing field of management and takes account of the strategic management practices of leading-edge companies.

Organizational Well-being Management Abstract

This course takes an interesting interdisciplinary approach to understanding how well an organization is doing at a particular point in time. It involves initially an overview of the theory of organizational performance management and performance indicators as tools for managers wishing to assess organizational health.

Fresh Venture Conception Abstract

This course will provide trainees with the opportunity to identify and evaluate new business ideas/business models. Trainees will reflect on what it takes to generate and develop a new business venture, as well as considering the skills and networks required to gain support for new business ideas.

Effective Leadership Determinants

This course seeks to address the issue as to what makes effective leadership and how leadership skills can be enhanced. Leaders create a vision of the future and position the organisation to move forward towards this new future. On this journey the leader uses a range of tools to guide the process. This course addresses how leadership influences organisational success, creating and inspiring the future vision of the sustainable organisation.

Data and Business Analytics

This course prepares trainees to lead in analytics-driven organizations. Trainees will explore the capabilities and challenges of data-driven business decision making.


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