Data and Business Analytics

Level of Study Master Level
Duration 2 days (7 hours per day)
Intakes Rolling Intake
Course Code in HRD Corp 1000173248
Course Cost RM 1400 Online
RM 2600 Offline
Entry Requirement SPM/MCE/SPVM/O Level
Awarded Certificate A course-based certificate will be issued after completion of each course. A Master of Business Skills Program certificate will be issued on completion of all subjects.

Data and Business Analytics Abstract & Subject Outline of the Course

This subject provides students with the fundamental concepts and tools that require understanding the emerging role of business analytics in organizations, and applying business analytics tools to communicate effectively with appropriate professionals to use and interpret analytics models and results for supporting making better business decisions. 

This subject view business analytics as an extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, exploratory and predictive models, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions. This subject moves beyond basic data generation and manipulation, and develops student’s capability of data modelling techniques that can be used to draw timely and relevant insights from a range of different forms of data.

Two Days Program (Advanced)

Introduction to Business Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

 Visualizing and Exploring Data

Emergent Trends in Leadership

Probability Distributions and Data


Sampling and Estimation

 Statistical Inference

Predictive Analytics

Trendlines and Regression Analysis

Forecasting Techniques

Spreadsheet Modelling and Analysis

Simulation and Risk Analysis

 Introduction to Data Mining

Introduction to Prescriptive Analytics

 Linear Optimization

Applications of Linear Optimization


Revision of the subject

Future of Business Analytics

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